Renewable Energy

It’s November, windy and cold winter has come to Denmark 🍂
Since Denmark is susceptible to westerlies, they are thriving with wind-power generation.
When I was riding a bike on a windy day, the wind was so strong that it was hard to move forward.

In Japan, we also have wind turbines, however, the share of wind power generation is only 0.9%🌬️

By the way, the share of renewables in Denmark is high, reaching 84% while that in Japan is 22%.
※ Data for 2022

First of all, energy sources are totally different between these two countries due to topography and climate.
Japan’s main sources of power generation is coal and LNG. The energy self-sufficiency is low, causing power shortage. So use of nuclear power is controversial in Japan…

Why don’t we start green living?🍀🌏

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