Animal Welfare

Would you like to support animal welfare by choosing products with “animal welfare label”?
I learned about “animal welfare certified meat” just a few years ago. It is such a shame that over 80% of Japanese don’t even know the word. Since it was so difficult to find them in supermarkets in Japan, I used to buy them online when I was in Japan. Not only it is good for animals but also they taste much better.

This label is Denmark’s governmental animal welfare label introduced in 2017. Although animal welfare had already been widely known, the label increased the awareness up to over 70% of consumers.

The 2nd pic shows the comparison in animal protection index. Japan received a E grade on the A-G scale while Denmark received a B grade in 2020. I hope more Japanese people to be aware of animal welfare🌱🤲

※You can see the animal protection index from the link below.

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